Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are the items listed here safe for use with food?

Items described as "dinnerware" were created only with materials marked as dinnerware use approved by its suppliers.

We use commercial porcelain, stoneware, earthenware clay following the manufacturer's instruction to reach the temperature to make the clay body mature.

We do not mix, concoct or create our own clay or glazes and use only supplier tested materials.


Are the dinnerware microwave, oven, freezer safe?

Items listed as dinnerware can be used with microwave, oven, freezer provided that sudden temperature changes are avoided. Abrupt and rapid temperature changes such as direct and immediate move from freezer to hot oven or extensive microwave can cause damage.


Can I use the dishwasher with your items?

Stoneware dinnerware are generally okay but care must be taken. For porcelain and earthenware, we recommend hand washing.


Are there any special care that is needed?

Other than what is noted above, another thing you may want to keep in mind is the location where you display the items. Avoid direct sunlight and area where sudden and/or high degree of temperature changes occur. Such condition while rarely causing immediate damage, it can age the items faster.


I've noticed some or lots of very minute cracks in the surface glaze area. Should I be concerned?

The phenomena is called "crazing" and a natural process of some pottery depending on the type of glaze used. The degree and the speed that it occurs vary greatly. There really isn't much that can be done to stop or fix it as a user. Since they are "cracks", make sure you keep the ware clean and dry when not in use. Some stains can be removed using diluted kitchen bleach. You need not be concerned about glaze coloring to be affected.


What payment methods are made available at checkout?

We use PayPal service for our checkout payment processing. As such, the payment method offered by PayPal to you can be used. You do not need a PayPal account as long as you have a credit or debit card that PayPal accepts.


Is the payment processing secure?

This website does not handle the payment processing. Instead, you will be transferred over to the payment processing service website for payment. As such, please refer to the payment processor's website for security and privacy practices.